You are the Channels for the Earth by Archangel Raphael and Archangel Zadkiel
Channelled through Natalie Glasson-2nd April 2014
The emergence of love is one of the greatest topics for those following a spiritual awakening and
ascension process upon the Earth; this is because it is the greatest topic and key focus upon the
inner planes. Never on the inner planes and within the heavens of the Angelic Kingdom have we
experienced so many love vibrations; different and diverse love vibrations. Neither have we had
such a wealth of love given to us by the Creator to share with other aspects of the Creator. We truly
know that ascension is moving forward and manifesting with great wealth because never before
have we been bombarded with so much love, for us on the inner planes it is somewhat
overwhelming, inspirational and awe inspiring.  We on the inner planes are opening our energies up
to receive the Creator, we are being asked to act as channels to transmit through our own energy
the light, love and consciousness of the Creator therefore aiding embodiment on numerous levels of
the Creator’s love. Ascension and unity with the Creator is truly taking place as we are viewing
tremendous shifts not fully experienced before.
The emergence of love is the key recognition and experience which allows us all to perceive our
greater unity with the Creator. We can only say that the emergence of love is a powerful process
which is now impacting your reality and being with great strength. Allow yourself daily during this
magnificent process to perceive the strength and presence of love, with this awareness you will tap
into the extreme and magnificence process of emergence of love that is occurring; you will then
notice the world within and around you altering and shifting. Many souls are describing this process
in numerous ways which fits the perception and perspective of their reality, you may also perceive
the emergence of love in a unique way for you which will allow a beautiful and diverse awakening of
the Creator.
As we on the inner planes are acting as channels and instruments of the Creator’s vibration and
emergence of love into other aspects of the Creator, such as yourself and the Earth. You are acting
as a channel and instrument of the Creator’s vibration and emergence of love for all aspects, layers,
levels and dimensions of the Earth. Do you recognise the role you are playing in this supreme
emergence of love? You are a connecting energy, a transmitter and an anchor of the many faces,
vibrations and emergence of love. Without love flowing through and from your being the Earth and
Mother Earth will not truly receive the love of the Creator, similar to not receiving the necessary
nutrients to aid growth and healing. Without your collection and transmission of the present love
vibrations the Earth will not be able to achieve a very powerful awakening process which will boost
the entire energetic vibration of light, love and truth within the entire universe of the Creator. As we
on the inner planes anchor the love of the Creator we stabilise it at a vibration which is easier for you
to accept and absorb. With your acceptance of the stabilised love vibration you are able to stabilise
the same energy in order for Mother Earth and all that is the active vibration of the Creator upon and
within the Earth to accept the emergence of love. As all that is within and upon the Earth accepts
love, the new and present era vibration of love will stabilise within the core of all that is Mother Earth
creating at an appropriate time a emanation of a love so powerful and pure to be transmitted from
the core of all that is Mother Earth sent as a wave of love back through the universe of the Creator to
all that have participated and linked their energy together to create such a process. Every soul will
receive a new vibration of love, a love that is so unimaginable but is available and you are ready to
receive. This will make a deeper consciousness of unity and an awakening of love so pure it will
shake the very cells of your being and every soul into a higher purer perspective of themselves and
the Creator.
With this sharing we hope you can recognise and realise why anchoring love through your being into
the Earth, your reality and all that you are is immensely important and vital at this time. You may wish
to affirm:
‘Beloved Creator, let me be an instrument, channel and anchor of your love. Let me share and
support the beautiful emergence of love occurring to benefit all aspects of the Creator. I know that in
order to truly be present in the emergence of love and to support all that is occurring now within this
most beautiful ascension process, I must first recognise and purify the love of my being, the love that
you the Creator choose to shine so magnificently through my being. Let me truly fall in love with the
love you choose to share through my being with a clear and truthful perspective of understanding.
Please Creator, I ask that in return you support my physical body in remaining healthy and strong
throughout this process. I am here now upon the Earth and I choose to accept and stand as my
divine purpose in this moment. Let it be so.’
To be a channel, anchor and instrument of the emergence of love there is a need for love to be
present within every aspect of your being, in order for this to occur you may experience tremendous
shifts and movement of energy within your being which will act as a powerful purification.
Now is the time for the purification for love! You have the role of share a supreme love with the Earth,
so heavenly and divine, as a transmitter the pure love must first create within you the same so by
simply inhaling this love it will create a reaction, healing and purification process within your being
and reality. This will occur only because your soul has consented and you are ready for it. It is our
energy, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Zadkiel you can call upon to be of service to you. Love
will flow through you like a whirlwind and could in some cases seem aggressive in its impact upon
your being but with our support we can reduce the impact of this supreme love allowing for an easier
transition. I, Archangel Raphael will support healing especially at an emotional and physical body
level moving everything into a state of alignment with love. I, Archangel Zadkiel will support you in
accepting transformation and shifts with ease, supporting your acceptance of the changes and the
manifestation outcomes. Please call upon us to be of service to you, we will stand either side of you
and merge our energies fully with yourself creating a trinity of light and then a whole oneness of light.
We will then work with you so closely and deeply, calming and soothing your energy while offering
the necessary strength you require.
We are and will be truly assisting in the emergence of love within your being, especially your soul.
Your soul has streams of light, within these streams of light there are diverse energetic coding of
love, akin to strands of DNA. New stands of love are now awakening within your soul which have
never before been merged or embodied with a human and physical form; it is a great indication of
evolution on the Earth. As strands of love awaken from your soul they will merge with the stands of
DNA within your own physical body, your physical body will literality sing and hold the vibration of
higher supreme and divine love emerging from your soul. The Angelic love is extremely present
within the stands of love emerging. To fully embody the Angelic love upon the Earth will be a powerful
transformation and shift in the evolution and experience of souls in human forms upon the Earth.
Process of grounding yourself and your energies are essential now. Grounding is a form and
process that aids embodiment. The divine energies within your being are truly emerging now and so
grounding yourself often is akin to anchoring, acknowledging and embodying each shift, emergence
and awakening within you, thus creating balance and ease of awakening. We invite you to call upon
Archangel Sandalphon to assist and be of service in your grounding process.  Each morning you
may ask Archangel Sandalphon:
‘Beloved Archangel Sandalphon, please ground my energies to aid embodiment, balance and a
greater acknowledgment of my love if appropriate five times during my day. I give to you the
permission to access my energies and recognise whether more or less grounding is needed. Thank
We are here to be of support and service to you,
Archangel Raphael and Archangel Zadkiel
(The word Channel means and signifies a being expressing the Creator.)

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2nd April 2014

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