Create Peace in the World with One Action by Archangel Metatron
Channelled through Natalie
It is often said to create peace in the world you simply need to love yourself unconditionally in a
humble and grateful way and love everyone else in an open compassionate way. While mastering
the act of sharing the natural love existing within your being is important there is one habit and
energy needing to be dissolved before love can truly reign, be empowered and experienced in your
reality. Without true realisation of this habit love cannot completely be recognised for its healing and
uplifting power. When many people meditate and achieve spiritual practices seeking the experience
of enlightenment they actually end up experiencing the power of the essence of love within their
being as when fully embraced your love is transformational, fuels wellbeing and health, acceptance
and manifestation of abundance, the experience of freedom through bliss and a heightened
awareness of life through divine wisdom. Love is a major force that is needed to be expressed by all
beings upon the Earth but it is the presence of judgment which requires focus in order to fuel and
give space from the growth of love.
Judgement is a thought process which encourages you to focus upon negativity and even create the
energy of negativity within your aura and being. When you create a judgment of any kind you are
sending a message out to yourself, those around you, the universe and the Creator that you are not
happy or satisfied with your reality. It is a powerful message to be unconsciously sharing, you are
creating a message within your being and mind that nothing and no one is good enough, others and
you do not deserve love or compassion, the world you exist in is not perfect and everything isnít to
your liking. Trying to find fault with yourself, others, reality and the world every single day is a tiring
job and yet many quite happily accept this task as it has been engrained since childhood and there
are always wonderful examples of judgment which reinforce that judgment is a natural aspect of
humanity when truthfully it is something humanity can live without very easily.
Judgment is an unloving thought, opinion and perspective which is kept within your mind, shared out
loud or put into action. Judgment encourages you to believe in a world that is broken and needs
fixing by you, this puts you in a position of power and fuels the ego with energies and thoughts that
create your happiness and security.  True feelings of happiness and security can be created through
the practice of inhaling and exhaling waves of love, they donít need to be created from the suffering,
pain or fall of others or yourself. With the act of judging another person you are sending that person
energetically negative vibrations but you are also stating that judgment is more of what you wish to
receive. Every thought and feeling created in your mind and heart manifests a projection into your
reality and the universe, whatever you project you attract and manifest for you to experience. You are
and experience your thoughts and feeling not only within your being but also as physical
manifestations in your reality. If you were to record all of your thoughts and feelings you would
recognise the correlation between that which you think and experience. So the practice of judgment
creates unhappy experiences and judgment directed to you from others. On a larger scale a single
judgment accepted by many, energised within their minds and projected from within can start a war,
create cruelty and even create dangerous weather conditions.
Now is the time for each being to accept responsibility, to realise that judgment only creates a world
of fear, pain separation and conflict, which hinders and hides the natural presence of love within
each person wishing to be expressed. Every person on the Earth regardless of their actions holds a
natural essence and existence of love within their being. A world of peace and love can be created
with a single act by eradicating judgment.
Although judgment can take both negative and positive form, positive judgment can be helpful
supportive and empowering at this stage of ascension. When you say that someone looks well or
they did a great job, it creates a feeling of sharing and giving love thus empowering love but love is
only the creation when the positive judgment comes from a place of truth within your being. Often
beings that enjoy sharing judgments believe themselves to be speaking the truth and so do not mind
whether the judgment is negative or positive, but is the truth within your being negative? Every being
upon the Earth holds within their being and is born from the essence of all that is the Creator, if you
hold the Creator within you and the Creator exists free from judgment only recognising love then a
negative judgment is not born from your truth but from your opinion; your mind. The mind can trick
you into feeling as if you are a figure of authority, the best, a fountain of knowledge and the only
opinion that counts but when you speak from the loving truth of your being this perspective alters. In
truth you do know everything because you are connected to the universe of the Creator and can
receive and embody all you wish, sharing and expressing everything you need, require and
recognise as the Creator. The truth is that you are connected to all the answers but every person in
the world is also, you are no different from another yet you are special because you are the Creator
on this Earth the same as everyone else. Positive judgments are actually positive statements that
reinforce the love of the Creator with honesty allowing love to flow with greater ease and presence
within your reality. Eventually even positive judgments will fall away but by switching all negative
judgments about yourself to positive judgments, by seeking truth that creates the love of the Creator,
is a positive step forth in achieving a mind, reality and world free from the chaos and experience of
With a deeper awareness and observation of judgments you create, you discover that you are
unravelling a tangle of thoughts as it may feel as if every thought has a judgment connected to it. You
may even begin to feel that it is impossible for you to think or speak because you realise the
ingrained energy of judgment within your mind. At this moment you may feel unable to express
yourself in the way you would wish to but it will be a tremendous turning process because you will
then actively seek and begin to reprogram your mind to focus upon positivity, love and loving truth,
thus discovering a new uplifting and empowering way to express yourself and observe your reality.
With the observation of  how you may judge others concerning whether they are deserving of your
money, time, presence and focus also shares with you how deserving you feel of the presence of
others, their time and money and even how deserving you feel of holding the vibrations and qualities
of the Creator within your being. The way you treat others often mirrors to you the way you treat and
preserve yourself. Every soul upon the Earth deserves and is worthy because each is a reflection
and expression of the Creator, there is no being who is not deserving of your smile or compassion.
As you focus with dedication on clearing your mind and perspective of the habit of judgment you will
notice your reality blossom positively as a reflection of the shifts occurring within your being. As
judgment dissolves space is given for your intuition to flow impacting upon your being. Your intuition
is the active consciousness of the Creator and your soul divinely inspiring you. Your intuition is a
greater all seeing all knowing aspect of yourself which can offer you guidance which will always be
aligned to your needs creating beauty in your reality. Your intuition like a voice of inspired wisdom
within you will always support you put it requires a peaceful mind in order for you to recognise its
subtle guidance, this is why it is important to dissolve your focus upon judgment as your focus can
then move to your intuition and its creations within your reality. Embracing your intuition can mean
that judgment arises once more as there is a period of building trust in the guidance of your intuition.
Rather than accepting this period of trust building, the mind feels as if it needs to analyse and judge
this new voice but again your natural essence asks you to accept your intuition even if you feel
uncertain as judgment holds no place with your sacred intuition. It is as if the mind wishes to judge
the guidance of the Creator within you because again the energies of needing to feel in control or
authority arise. The more you trust your intuition and act upon its guidance you will notice how easily
and beautifully everything flows within your reality thus building your trust and believe in the divine
force of the Creator working and co-creating with you.
If every being upon the Earth erased their thoughts of guidance created positive judgment or
statements born from truth and focused upon their divine inner intuition then everyone would simply
be loving towards each other and themselves. All that creates hardship, pain and suffering upon the
Earth would be a long lost memory replaced by respect, gratitude, truth, harmony and love.
Dissolve judgment and allow yourself to acknowledge the change you wish to see in the world but
first recognising it within yourself.
From my loving truth,
Archangel Metatron
OmNa Natalie Glasson Subscribe
Sacred School Of Om Na
Natalie Glasson
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16th July 2014

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