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Welcome to the Sacred School of Om Na Shop!

Natalie Glassonís Shop is filled with many diverse tools to support and develop your spiritual evolution, awakening and
inner wisdom.  All Natalieís material is channelled, you may wish to attend Workshops or Online Webinars / Workshops  to
experience the energies live for yourself or you may wish to download recorded mp3ís to listen to in your leisure time.
Capsules of Wisdom from Archangel Metatron can be downloaded twice a month and are a very popular way of furthering
your spiritual evolution as Archangel Metatron act as a spiritual mentor guiding you as to what is appropriate to focus
upon in the present moments of Ascension.
The Twelve Rays of Light is a guide to the spiritual hierarchy coming in paperback book form it is a valuable tool of
reference, support and inspiration to have with you.
Many Channelled Guided Meditations are available from our friends on the inner planes such as Master Kuthumi, the
Celestial White Beings, Master Jesus, Mary Magdalene and so many more. If you want to connect with the Christ
consciousness, explore the energies of Atlantis or simply support the dawning of love creating such a beautiful golden Age
of Gaia you will find it here.
Happy Exploring!

Aligning to God ~ Love ~ Bliss ~ Truth ~ Joy ~ Courage ~ Peace ~ Harmony ~ Fulfilment ~ Healing ~ Realisation ~ Enlightenment
Om Na, Om Sat, Om Ra,  I am Bliss, I am the Ultimate Truth, I am God,

Natalie Glasson, Channel, Author and Spiritual Mentor
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