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Channeled Wisdom| Natalie Glasson|Sacred School of Om Na
Natalie Glasson
Channelled Wisdom| Natalie Glasson|Sacred School of Om Na
Open your heart wholly to the Creator and you will feel the abundance, bliss and love that surrounds you and exists within you. Embrace the truth of your being and let it emerge with courage and grace, you will see the presence of God within you.
I Am Bliss
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Natalie Glasson, Channel, Author and Spiritual Mentor
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The Era of Love
2012 marks the beginning of the Era of Love on the Earth, a time when every person devotes their
energies, thoughts and efforts to acting, reacting and existing as love in order to create an existence
that is blissfully loving for all to experience. As each person individually creates a reality of love, so
these realities will merge allowing much healing to take place in all levels of our being and all
aspects of the world.
12-12-12 marks the beginning of a magnification process while 21-12-12 marks the climax of the
magnification process, where the Creator will magnify everything that you are, think and exist as. It is
important at this time to focus on manifesting what will aid your spiritual development focusing upon
what you desire as well as drawing forth from your soul all the beautiful qualities that you hold, such
as peace, bliss, compassion and  courage. Everything that you are will be amplified by the light of
the Creator so it is important to let go of unneeded energy and cleanse yourself on all levels of your
being. The vibration of the Earth and humanity is rising and we have so many guides and wise light
beings supporting our journey through these magnificent times of greater self, soul and Creator
awareness. The Sacred School of Om Na brings forth guidance, support and love through Natalie
Glassonís channel.
The Sacred School of Om Na originally existed in Atlantis anchoring the energy of the Celestial
White Beings (Natalieís Soul Group) and numerous Ascended Masters and Archangels, bringing
forth wisdom, inspiration, connection, alignment and transformational energies. Natalie has now
brought forth the Sacred School of Om Na once more to assist and support ascension. The school is
overseen by the Celestial White Beings, Archangel Michael, Archangel Faith and Universal Logos
Lord Melchizedek .
Please enjoy and browse all the channelled material available at the Sacred School of Om Na.
Om Na, Om Sat, Om Ra,  I am Bliss, I am the Ultimate Truth, I am God,

Aligning to God ~ Love ~ Bliss ~ Truth ~ Joy ~ Courage ~ Peace ~ Harmony ~ Fulfilment ~ Healing ~ Realisation ~ Enlightenment
Channeled Wisdom| Natalie Glasson|Sacred School of Om Na
Sacred School Of Om Na
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