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Natalie Glasson

nature and overlooking the sea. Natalie Glasson, at the time known as Nara or fondly nicknamed ‘Om Na’ by
those on the spiritual planes acted as overseer, teacher and anchor for the cosmic healing, inspirational
energies and light. Many would travel to the temple to meditate, be healed and to gain realisation of
themselves and Creator, assisted and guided by the White Beings and Nara, the temple became a place of
spiritual growth, ascension and development. This temple of inspiration, guidance and Creator love is now
available once more for you to align to and connect with to aid your healing and spiritual growth on the Earth.

Natalie now anchors the energy of the White Beings and all aspects of the Creator through her channelling
ability and the energy she expresses.

The Sacred School of Om Na offers a unique and true path of light, love and ascension to greater spiritual
awakening, meditation and supporting the manifesting of the Golden Age of Gaia from within each begin upon
the Earth.

OmNa School shares tools and teachings from the inner planes, the White Beings, Ascended Masters,
Archangels, Angels, Unicorns, Fairies and Elementals who are all aspects and messengers of the Creator.
Please feel free to browse the numerous sources of guidance and enlightenment by using the tool bar at the
top of the page. The Sacred School of Om Na only wishes to support, inspire and enlightenment you in a way
that is most appropriate for you, allowing your continuation with ease along your special and sacred journey to
complete integration with and embodiment of the Love and Bliss of the Creator.
The Sacred School of Om Na now exists as an online site for all to access. Through her channel Natalie
Glasson has created a four part course to assist your ascension process and guide you to connect on a
deeper level with your soul.  There are channelled videos to inspire, affirmations, meditations and invocations
to aid your discipline in the art of mastering your being as well as the Ascension Sounds created by Natalie
and a number of participants to anchor the energy of Ascension. There is also the opportunity to connect with
the Celestial White Beings and visit the Atlantis Ashram of the Celestial White Beings. Feel free to explore
and check back regularly as new material will be added.

Please also visit the Shop as you will find many Guided Mediations, Capsules of Wisdom, Workshop and
Online Webinar Workshops. Check out Natalie’s Free Weekly Channelled Message for the latest channelled
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Natalie Glasson Sacred School of OmNa Channelled Messages, Wisdom and Light
This sacred online temple, ashram and school extends from the time of Atlantis where the Celestial White Beings channelled their energy, wisdom and healing light supported by the Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters,Goddess Beings and numerous Light Beings into a pure white temple, which sat on the North Border of  Atlantis surrounded by