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Through Natalie

Recognising, Upgrading and Embodying Your Soul’s Contracts by Master Kuthumi

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 20th April 2018 –  Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings, I am Master Kuthumi, the World Teacher at a Planetary Level alongside Master Sananda. My purpose is to demonstrate and remind all souls that it is through the embodiment of love that wisdom can be accessed. You may wish to visit me during your sleep state or meditation within my ashram upon Sirius at the University of Ascended Masters. I am available to explore any subject or topic with you to aid your spiritual evolution, there is simply a need for you to make your request clearly to me and we can begin our work together. I, Master Kuthumi, come forth to you today to highlight a stage of ascension which is dawning and requires your attention and observation. Throughout numerous lifetimes upon the Earth and the inner planes, your soul has created many contracts and agreements to aid your ascension, the ascension of the Universe and the greater union of all with the Creator. Some of these contracts are achieved easily and effortlessly creating the necessary activations within your being, in these cases the commitments, and the energy connected to the contract dissolves instantly. In other cases, the contract spans across lifetimes and even civilisations, taking a great  … Read More

Inner Truth Magnification  Realising Your Inner Truth and Bringing it into Manifestation  With Archangel Metatron

Latest Capsule of Wisdom – Capsule 164

Inner Truth Magnification

Realising Your Inner Truth and Bringing it into Manifestation

With Archangel Metatron

In Capsule of Wisdom No 164, Archangel Metatron wishes to encourage you to connect on a deeper level with your inner truth. Many people speak of their inner truth, but what exactly is it? Archangel Metatron invites you to contemplate what your inner truth really is while also sharing his perspective and view of inner truth and its importance in the current ascension process. He shares a meditation which transports you to the Multi-Universal Level to experience his Keys of Truth, embodying this and further accessing your own essence. Archangel Metatron shares with you how to manifest your truth into your reality for your complete experience. This is a beautiful meditation to aid your deeper connection and understanding of your soul, essence, the Creator and exploring all that you are.

Explanation & 1 Meditation – 48 mins Audio –  19th April 2018 …. More and Purchase

Next Workshop – Glastonbury, UK

12th and 13th May 2018

22 Keys to Ascension


With Lord Buddha and Lady Quan Yin

Sacred Guidance and Practices to master your existence on the Earth and the Inner Planes

Lady Quan Yin and Lord Buddha welcome you with grace and love to join them at the Chalice Well, the foot of the Tor and Heart Chakra of the Earth. They wish to share and explore with you their 22 keys to achieving ascension at an earthly level. These keys are drawn from their own experience of moving through ascension on the Earth and their current expansive perspective of modern day ascension. The 22 Keys to Ascension are a pathway of guidance and insights which activate inspiration and remembrance within your being, so you may accelerate your ascension process. These two sacred beings wish to assist you in acknowledging the next steps and stages of your ascension, as well as how you can move forth with conscious awareness from the ascension level you have already obtained. They will share tips to ease your ascension pathway, creating joy, healing, happiness and fulfilment for yourself and others. They wish to bring forth into your awareness a greater understanding of your purpose in the ascension process of the Earth.

Lady Quan Yin is the Chohan of the 11th Ray of Light which represents the peace and enlightenment of the Creator as well as understanding and experiencing soul synthesis. Lord Buddha is the Planetary Logos overseeing the planetary energies and the ascension of all. Together they are a fountain of knowledge and inspire profound enlightenment.

Join Lady Quan Yin and Lord Buddha for an inspirational, practical and enlightening process of centring yourself and activating your conscious awareness into your current ascension pathway. Natalie will channel the energies and wisdom of Lady Quan Yin and Lord Buddha while also sharing the sacred sound of her crystal singing bowls.

Glastonbury, UK, 12th and 13th May 2018, 10am- 5pm …..Book and More

Latest Webinar Series

Cosmic Heart Chakra Advanced Activations for Self and Earth

Experience the power of supreme love and become a transmitter of cosmic love consciousness

With Goddess Consciousness

Online Webinar Course

Channelled through Natalie Glasson.

The Goddess Consciousness exist within the Cosmic Level of the Creator’s Universe, this is the highest frequency of light before complete synthesis with the Creator.  The Goddess Consciousness wish to introduce you to the Creator’s Heart Chakra at a Cosmic Level, meaning the purest and most expansive heart chakra in existence within the Universe of the Creator. The Cosmic Heart Chakra is like a supreme temple or ashram. These sacred beings wish to guide you to experience beautiful and powerful ascension, healing and self-mastery activations within the Cosmic Heart Chakra in order to access the highest love and healing for self and all. Their activations will support the expansion and healing of your own heart chakra, a renewed sense of self love, an acceleration of ascension, accessing the divine flow, releasing old patterns of lack and a deeper awakening of love from your soul. The power of love can accelerate your ascension dramatically as it acts as a deep cleansing and reconnection with the truth of the Creator.

The Goddess Consciousness invite you to merge with the Cosmic Heart Chakra in order to deliver supreme love through your being to Mother Earth and humanity. They wish to guide you in grounding frequencies and consciousness from the Cosmic Heart Chakra into the Earth to instigate new ascension shifts, especially to support the nature kingdom and development of the Goddess within all souls upon the Earth.

Love is the truth of the Creator, we all seek an intimate experience of the Creator’s love and yet often fear or reject the Creator’s love. Through beautiful and awakening activations with the Goddess Consciousness you will learn to accept yourself, others and the Earth as love on a deep and meaningful level while observing how this positively impacts your reality and ascension. You will create an awakening within your being which makes space for the Creator to be fully present with you while allowing a surrendering to a love that is intently powerful and activating.

It’s time to allow yourself to enter into a new phase of your ascension, to truly experience your belief in the power of love!

The Goddess Consciousness with their love, compassion, tranquillity and pure sight invite you to transform with them.

Live Online: 26th April, 3rd May  and 10th May 2018  – 7pm-8pm UK Time… Book and More

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The Sacred School of Om Na brings forth guidance, support, love, wisdom and channeled messages through Natalie Glasson’s channel and channeling.The Sacred School of Om Na originally existed in Atlantis anchoring and channeling the energy of the Celestial White Beings (Natalie Glasson’s Soul Group) and numerous Ascended Masters, Angels and Archangels, bringing forth wisdom, inspiration, connection, alignment and transformational energies. Natalie Glasson has now brought forth the Sacred School of Om Na once more to assist and support modern day ascension. This temple of light is overseen by the Celestial White BeingsArchangel MichaelArchangel FaithArchangel Metatron and Universal Logos Lord Melchizedek. The energies and spiritual channellings of Ascended Master KuthumiAscended Master JesusMother Mary,Mary MagdaleneAscended Master Saint Germain support and regularly deliver guidance and the wisdom within the school.

Please enjoy and browse all the channeled material, messages and wisdom available through Natalie Glasson at Om Na.

Om Na, Om Sat, Om Ra, I am Bliss, I am the Ultimate Truth, I am the Creator