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28th December 2018

The Request of Your Soul: Your New Beginning by the Unicorn Kingdom

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 28th December – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

We, the Unicorn Kingdom, come forth with blessings and love to greet you. Welcome to your new beginning. We welcome you with open hearts and supreme embracing love as you create a shift within your being denoting a new beginning for you in your spiritual evolution. This shift and new beginning has been long awaited, did you know that a new beginning was taking place within your being now due to the devotion you have placed on your spiritual awakening? You may wonder what the new beginning denotes and will create for you, how it will manifest in your being and reality, as well as whether you will be aware of the presence of your new beginning. The Request of Your Soul: Your New Beginning by the Unicorn Kingdom

In this period of ascension, we, the Unicorn Kingdom, wish for you to simply accept that a new beginning is taking place within your being and will manifest with divine perfection and timing for you to experience. You may experience your new beginning as a new awakening of clarity in your mind, a sense of peace washing over and through you, a new passion arising that impacts your physical actions. There is no right or wrong answer to the way you will experience your new beginning, it will manifest perfectly for you allowing you to feel awakened and fulfilled, as if you are moving forth with greater ease.

Your new beginning energetically is born from your entire being reaching a certain level of frequency and vibration, thus a signal was expressed and sent from your being to higher levels of your being and your guides. This alert is allowing the higher levels of your being and your guides to begin to transmit codes from the Universe of the Creator to you that your soul has requested. Your soul has put into place certain energies, wisdom and connections your soul wishes to experience and physically embody from the Universe of the Creator at certain points to really accelerate your ascension. Often this occurs at different times for each individual, however the energies of 2019 devoted to clarity have created a surge of light anchoring into the Earth and humanity, thus creating a surge of light frequency within many people upon the Earth. In the beginning of 2019 a large majority of humanity are experiencing a download of information, light and connections from the Universe of the Creator as requested by their souls. This synchronicity allows each individual to feel immensely supported and sustained in the light as everyone is experiencing the support of everyone else going through the process.

It is the wisdom, light, love and connection anchored into your being from the Universe of the Creator as requested by your soul which will create a sense of a new beginning within your being, reality and spiritual evolution.

The Importance of Receiving

We, the Unicorn Kingdom, wish to place a great importance upon receiving energies and light from your soul, higher aspects, and guides. A practice, intention or focus upon receiving daily even if only for a few moments will allow you to be open to anchoring and embodying the energies flowing to you because of the request of your soul.

We wish to share with you our view of receiving in order to offer a greater insight into receiving that which has been requested by your soul. For us, the Unicorn Kingdom, receiving is a process of unfolding your energy, being, thoughts and chakras to the light. You are revealing yourself, your inner essence and core, even if you cannot comprehend that which exists within you. You open yourself up without fear in the certainty that you are fully supported by your truth, guides and the Universe of the Creator. As you initiate an expansion of all that you are so every part of your being begins to vibrate, ushering old energies and habits away, and preparing for a new surge of Creator consciousness. To receive is to open and unfold your being, the process of doing so allows you to be extremely responsive and able to collect all that is energetically available to you. Rather than drawing energy into your being instead be willing to energetically expand every part of your being, thus you will notice that you receive all you need and more without even trying to.

At this time when your soul has created requests for valuable energetic tools, wisdom and connections to support you in your physical and spiritual reality, a focus upon receiving each day becomes deeply important and a way of enhancing your relationship with your soul. You may also experience a deeper intimacy and connection with your guides as they are stepping forth closer to transmit all that is appropriate and needed into your being. This truly is an insightful and exciting period of ascension as your relationship with your soul and guides will blossom, allowing you to feel suspended and carried by their loving presence.

‘I open myself to receive fully all my soul has requested now to be anchored into your being. As I receive, I unfold and expand my entire being thus allowing me to vibrate to be responsive to all that is available for me to receive. I know that all the energies, connections, wisdom and light my soul has requested from the Universe of the Creator are downloading into my being now creating a beautiful new beginning within my physical and spiritual reality, promoting fulfilment, peace, healing and enlightenment. I now recognise and identify the presence of my soul and guides, their loving support and transmission to me, as well as developments in our relationship. I am receptive to recognising the presence and positive impact of the new beginning upon my entire being and reality, moving in harmony with the divine flow developing from within me. Thank you.’

You may simply wish to state our invocation each day to support your experience of your new beginning. Or you may wish to meditate practicing the art of receiving, and downloading the energies requested by your soul fully into your being.

The impact of your new beginning will be lasting, the synthesis of your new beginning with your being and reality will occur over a period of time most appropriate for the individual. The integration process may be quick or take a longer period, whatever the length of your integration process, all is appropriate and perfect for you.

You may wish to allow yourself to be open and receptive in your every day life, as new experiences and opportunities will be drawn to you because of the shift and awakening taking place within your being. Be open to new directions, pathways and ideas manifesting. Please know that we, the Unicorn Kingdom, are acting as a powerful source of support and a beacon of assistance for you. If ever you require any form of assistance please call upon us, the Unicorn Kingdom, our energies will envelop you and guide you forth.

‘Unicorn Kingdom, I call forth your loving assistance, guidance, embrace and healing. Please support me now in understanding the process I am moving through, the way in which you are supporting me and how I may assist myself. I thank you deeply for your loving support, attention and constant presence. Thank you.’

With bountiful Unicorn blessings,

The Unicorn Kingdom

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Unicorn Kingdom

13th July 2018

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 13th July 2018 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Deep love and blessings extends through us the Unicorn Kingdom from the Creator to you. We honour the light that we bring forth to you and honour the light you bring forth to us now. The exchange of the Creator’s light is deeply important to each and every soul. To both express and receive the Creator is a blessing which empowers, brings deep understanding and awakens the further presence of the Creator within. It is a natural aspect of existence upon the Earth and the inner planes, that feeds life force energy into every aspect and level of your being. If the Creator is expressed but not received your being can become drained of nutrients and life itself. If the Creator is received and yet not expressed your being can become over energised which can cause illness or lack of focus. As with all aspects of the Creator’s Universe, everything requires to exist in perfect balance and union with each other. This could be described as a respect for each aspect, existence and expression of the Creator. When you respect all aspects of your being you honour and value the expansive nature, creations and truth of the Creator, thus accessing the deep treasure of the Creator that is on going within your being and the Universe of the Creator.

We, the Unicorn Kingdom, wish to encourage you to cultivate respect for all aspects of your being, creation, existence and life. We invite you to value and appreciate each process of growth and awareness you move through, each feeling and thought whether you perceive them as negative or positive and each experience you create. In cultivating a respect for each aspect of your being and each experience upon the Earth and the inner planes you do not give importance to one thing, instead observing and accepting each as a reason to witness the deeper truth within you. When you cultivate respect, you allow yourself to observe from a balanced perspective and with an open mind, realising the presence and communication of the Creator connecting directly with you in each given moment. Often chaos or suffering within your being can be created by giving too much importance to one energy, thought, emotion or experience, this can create an imbalance within your being and within your reality.

Allow yourself to take time to respectfully observe each and every energy that comes to your awareness. Some energies you will not wish to give too much time or attention to, simply letting them go as you know if they were energised they would create limitations within your being and reality. By examining and respectfully observing your experiences, thoughts and emotions each day, you allow yourself to realise patterns of creation, limitations you energise and messages from your soul and the Universe. You begin to become a witness and a creator of your existence on the Earth and spiritual experiences. When you recognise yourself as a witness and a creator, which in many ways contradict each other, you become balanced, in harmony with your existence and the divine will of the Creator.

Your existence on the Earth is to be in a constant flow of witnessing or observing and creating. Witnessing is to be a witness to your life, to see, sense and acknowledge as much as you can about yourself and reality from a state of openness, non-judgment, non- attachment and peace. To be a creator of your reality is to realise that the energies, emotions, thoughts and perceptions you have impact and influence the reality you experience in the present and the future. Thus, there is a need to focus upon that within you which creates the reality and existence you wish to experience. Through allowing yourself to witness all that you are you become a witness of that which within your being creates limitations and that which creates expansion and fulfilment. You understand how to create a reality of fulfilment for yourself. This is a very powerful and high level of mastery and yet it is something that is natural and almost automatic for you, simply needing fine tuning and alignment.

We, the Unicorn Kingdom, believe that embodying the process and focus of witnessing and creating is an essential practice at this time of ascension. As energies anchoring into the Earth heighten, your sensitivity to all that is the Creator develops and the truth rises to the surface from within your being to be acknowledged, there is a need to remain centred, grounded and balanced. This is essential for each step of your spiritual evolution and allows your acceleration of your ascension to be greater. Remaining centred, grounded and balanced allows you to follow the pathway for you which is appropriate without feeling confused or disorientated.  When you are balanced with yourself and the Creator your reality becomes an expression of divine balance.

Creating the reality, you wish to experience, in our view, is to witness and observe yourself, then to create action to shift any perceptions, thoughts, feelings, wounds creating that which you do not wish to experience.  In many ways you are a creature of habit, whether you believe so or not, your subconscious mind loves repetition. It is from your subconscious mind that you create most of the time, it is akin to a library from which you accept information, how to act and react as well as patterns you are not aware of.

Meditation to Enhance Your Ability to Witness and Create

‘I invite the Unicorn Kingdom to awaken my entire being with your light. Please appropriately for me increase my sensitivity and awareness of the light of the Creator surrounding me, moving through me and expressing from my being.  Please together as a community place your Unicorn energetic horns into my auric field and pour your high vibrational light into my entire being. Let your light be focused upon supporting me in being a witness of my being and a creator of my reality.

I invite a deep healing process to take place in order to release any limitations, blockages, ignorance and resistance that may be holding me back from witnessing and creating myself as a being and reality of fulfilment.

Let your light penetrate my being allowing me to witness, examining and respectfully observing my experiences, thoughts and emotions each day, recognising within me patterns of creation, limitations energised and messages from my soul and the Universe. With the knowledge and understanding I acquire may I rediscover my natural ability to manifest and create my dreams and desires upon the Earth. Through my understanding may I fully embody and realise that where I place my focus, this naturally impacts the reality I experience.

Please Unicorn Kingdom, support me in this beautiful process of creating balance within my being and reality. Help me to reveal to myself all that I am, both my limitations and wonderous energies, so I may with awareness experience balance, understand all that I am with greater depth and become a beacon of creation and fulfilment in my existence upon the Earth now. Thank you.’

Take time to soak the words and intentions into your being. Allow yourself to experience the Unicorn Kingdom surrounding you and placing their energetic Unicorn horns into your auric field. Experience the Unicorn Kingdom activating your being, increasing your sensitivity and making you more aware of all that you are; your thoughts, emotions, actions and reactions. Take time to simply be with yourself allowing the Unicorn Kingdom to bring forth their healing light and promote shifts that support your natural ability to receive, embody and express the Creator.

We, the Unicorn Kingdom, are present to be of service, please call upon us to aid and assist you, revealing the truth of the Creator to you through our beings and through yours.

With Unicorn blessings and purity,

We are the Unicorn Kingdom

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Unicorn Consciousness

11th May 2018

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 11th May 2018 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings, we are the Unicorn Consciousness, we bring our love and blessings to you and bathe you in the purity of our light. Our vibration is similar to that of the Angelic Kingdom. It is our purpose to serve and to support a deeper connection and remembrance of the Creator. Like the Angelic Kingdom we are powerful healers, share wisdom, inspiration and sacred knowledge as well as aligning you with the purity of your being and essence. Our mission at this time is to support the manifestation of the Era of Remembrance upon the Earth and within the ascension processes of lightworkers. Since 2012 humanity has been existing within the Era of Love, every activation, ascension shift, healing, awakening and enlightenment experience has been focused on love. The Era of Love is an energy wave and level of growth which has an intention and purpose as it grounds into the Earth and humanity. The purpose of the Era of Love is to aid self-love, connection to and embodiment of unconditional love, perceptions born from love and expression of pure love. You may recognise that many challenges, growth processes, awakenings and healings may have been connected to the purpose of the Era of Love.

Some souls upon the Earth are already embodying the purpose of the Era of Love, for them, their focus now is to experience life as love and with love. Others are focused on embodying the purpose of the Era of Love, perfecting their ability to love themselves and to be the love of the Creator upon the Earth. The level of your spiritual growth and whether you have embodied the Era of Love or not does not depend on how wise or evolved your soul is. Instead, it is the more risks you have taken in your past and past lifetimes to expand into being love and sharing love that means it can be more challenging to embody love. When you take risks to evolve, expand and share love further than your comfort zone you can experience the supreme love of the Creator or pain through rejection or fear. So, it can be that those who find it challenging to embody love and be love are the ones who are travelled the spiritual pathway the furthest and have experienced the most. An interesting thought is that those who are advanced in their ascension now and leading others forth in the light may not be the advanced souls, instead, they could be the souls who have journeyed less on the Earth and have less to heal. The souls who have yet to advance spiritually or even awaken may be the advanced souls as they have taken more on to work through and resolve spiritually, therefore need more time. We are not saying that this is the same for all, however, it is wonderful to shift perceptions as this allows you to let go of the ego, expand your awareness and allow the truth of the Creator to flow into your being with greater strength and power.

The Era of Remembrance

There is no defined line between experiencing the Era of Love and the Era of Remembrance, they are waves of light and consciousness that overlap. The more love you embody and realise within your being the more you activate and light up your memory of the truth of the Creator. The embodiment of love supports your remembrance, so even if you awaken love within your being in a small way you will be igniting remembrance of yourself and the Creator to the same proportions.

The purpose of the Era of Remembrance is to activate your inner knowledge, awaken wisdom you have collected from other lifetimes and reconnect you with the wisdom of your soul and soul group. It will serve you in remembering other lifetimes and bringing forth healing as well as rediscovering soul connections and relationships. Remembrance is connected to seeing, sensing and experiencing yourself and the Earth without illusion or limitations, this is a gradual process that can be experienced as insights or glimpses of enlightenment.

Often souls feel lost and uncertain in their reality upon the Earth, they feel they do not know why they are present, what they should be doing, how they should be helping others or even what creates fulfilment in their lives. There are often many questions which go unanswered and seem to leave a void which hinders self-acceptance and self-understanding. It is the purpose of the Era of Remembrance to reconnect you with your inner wisdom, intuition and communication with the Creator in order to fill the void and answer the questions which seem impossible to answer. This experience is likened to regaining your inner power while others see it as advancing spiritually and evolving your senses. However, it manifests within your reality, the presence and influence of the Era of Remembrance awakening within you will be a gradual and even subtle process, that could even be unnoticed by some, as instead, they see themselves advancing in intellect.

Spiritual growth and ascension is a process of unfolding and expanding who you really are, the truth of the Creator. It is a process that occurs within your being with multiple shifts and transformations occurring at multiple times. Often these shifts and transformations go unnoticed, especially if your focus is outside of you in your reality. Even through the experience of numerous shifts you may still feel the same. When an ascension shift occurs, it may take days or even weeks to integrate fully into your being, this means that you are likely to not even notice. When you look back at your experiences over a year ago, it is then that you may realise the progression that has been made. It is because of the subtle nature of transformation that many adopt the perspective that they are not growing spiritual or advancing even though they practice meditation and so forth. They cannot see what is so close to them, they cannot recognise the transformations because they are not as explosive or impactful as they believe they should be.

With the embodiment of the Era of Remembrance so comes an awareness of the shifts taking place within your being and a greater understanding of the ascension process you are moving through. Love already ignites contentment and acceptance; however, the Era of Remembrance develops this further encouraging a deep-seated feeling of being supported by the Creator and the Universe of the Creator. Remembrance in truth is a realisation of self as the Creator in embodiment on the Earth and the inner planes.

Meditation Practice to Prepare for Acceptance and Embodiment of the Era of Remembrance

It is with observation of and connection with self that the acceptance and embodiment of the influence of the Era of Remembrance can be recognised and experienced fully.

  • First, shake or move parts of your body moving from your feet to your head, being aware of the sensation and feeling of your body.
  • Place your index and middle fingers of any hand on your brow at your third eye, breathe in deeply as if you are breathing in through your brow and exhale deeply through your brow. Feel your brow expand. Move your fingers to your heart chakra and practice the same, breathing in and out through your heart chakra. Feel your heart chakra expand.
  • Focus on breathing deeply, draw energy up through your feet as you inhale into your heart chakra. As you exhale, draw the energy from your heart chakra into your crown chakra. Repeat this until you feel centred.
  • Take a few moments to observe your body and being, imagine, sense or acknowledge you are scanning your being from below your feet to above your head simply being observant and accepting each area of your being.
  • Take the attention of your mind and third eye to your heart chakra and allow yourself to rest within your heart chakra breathing naturally.
  • When you are ready, ask yourself, ‘What is essential for me to observe, realise or be aware of now?’ You are asking your heart and soul to make you aware of any shifts, remembrance, healing that is required or anything else, that is taking place or has taken place within your being. Simply observe without expectation and accept anything that comes to your awareness. Even if it is subtle or a fleeting insight.

This practice will allow you to awaken your awareness and observation of yourself. Thus, allowing you to access and realise the presence and influence of the Era of Remembrance within you.

You may also wish to use this invocation to serve your connection to the Era of Remembrance:

‘Unicorn Kingdom, please align my entire being to the Era of Remembrance, let me receive the energy waves, divine influence and inspiration of the Era of Remembrance within my being. Fill my being with the love of the Creator, encourage me to recognise the abundant presence of love within me, therefore embodying the Era of Remembrance. And so, I am aligned.’

In loving joy, encouragement and expansion,

The Unicorn Consciousness

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Irian from Unicorn Kingdom

Channelled through Natalie Glasson 30th November 2009

May the blessings of the Creator shower upon your sacred head, igniting the wisdom within you and illuminating your way forth. I bring these blessings to you from my heart and soul as I introduce myself now. I am Unicorn Irian; I am a soul holding certain qualities which entitle me to be labelled as a unicorn being. I hold the essence of magic, manifestation, love and extremely powerful light. I hold within my soul a breath of the Creator, a thought of the Creator and an emotion of the Creator, as a united source of harmony, love and peace. I, Unicorn Irian, have existed as a horse on the Earth near the Arabian Desert where I was able to learn many life lessons that are similar to those of a human. The galactic masters advised me to incarnate as a physical horse on the Earth so that I would understand physical and mental pain as well as physical love. In the body of a horse all emotions and feelings are raw and are very powerful because one is allowed to simply be, rather than being influenced by others as humans can be.

My existence on the Earth was a very powerful experience for me allowing me to discover and appreciate the ascension process as well as making me aware of the abilities, wisdom and skills that I can share with others now that I exist on the inner planes. I am constantly reminding myself of my previous incarnation when working with humanity so that I can express the true guidance and information that is needed to enhance their growth. I am particularly fond of working with the horses and other mammals on the Earth to share my guidance and of course, the light of the Creator. I am sure that when you return to the inner planes of the Creator’s universe you will look back at your time now and treasure every moment as millions of valuable lessons and information grasped in such a short period of time compared with your eternal spiritual and soul existence.

I hope that you will honour and respect the Unicorn Kingdom; we have so much to offer the Earth. We hold the same vibration as the Angelic Kingdom, working closely with the angels to assist the spiritual development of humanity. The unicorns are a great and intense source of love, when you look into our eyes and hearts you will see the beauty of the Creator’s love, so blissful, healing and heavenly. It is almost as if we hold within our souls the ability to show you the Earth as a civilisation of love, your own being as a great source of love while assisting you in gazing deep into the soul of the Creator. Our eyes and souls can reflect the divine and sacred energy within your being helping you to see the truth and the presence of heaven within you. Many people cry in joy when they gaze into our eyes or hearts because they see within themselves what they have been searching for through their many incarnations on the Earth. Some would say we are the mirror that allows you to gaze into the purity of your soul. It is because of this that our energies are so healing and nurturing and why we are linked with magic and manifestation. When you call on our energies to surround you and express our healing light, we do send waves of love into your being and soul but we also activate the naturally healing energies within you, supporting you as healing takes place. It is akin to placing a mirror before you, which allows you to search for the healing energy within you, letting the healing be expressed into your entire being. People say they have been healed by the unicorns but in fact, they have healed themselves. Each of you know exactly how to activate your own healing energies and where to locate this light but you have forgotten. If asked unconsciously to achieve this you would automatically activate your healing energy but when the mind is involved it creates a shield before your healing energy, hindering its expression. This is because your mind has not yet realised or placed faith in the healing source within you.

You may wish to try this in your own time, asking the most appropriate unicorn guides of love to surround you and express their love and healing light to you. Then ask to look into our heart or eyes to see the truth, sacred and healing energies within you. You can imagine this or simply acknowledge that it is occurring focusing on your feelings. Allow your unicorn guides to direct you appropriately. It is important to remember that any healing energies you are experiencing are coming from within you as we naturally act as mirrors for you to gaze into your soul. Faith, trust and confidence is needed in order to achieve this, but if you do not receive any insights or sensations know that it may not be your time to achieve this and additional growth is needed.

This was the first piece of information that I was guided by the Creator to share with you, but I also wish to speak for a short while on deciphering energy. This is an insight that I understood while I was on the Earth through various experiences and have recently been guided to share it with others. On the Earth, there are many rules and guidelines which help us to understand what is good and what is bad, what is wrong and what is right. We also have our own inner radar which makes us aware of the influences and consequences of our actions, this is important because it helps us to remain safe and secure, ensuring that we don’t intentionally hurt another. We learn that good or right things hold a positive energy and bad or wrong things hold a negative energy. As we exist on the Earth everything that we experience is composed of the Creator’s light. At the highest vibration of the Creator’s soul we experience pure and loving energies but at a physical level or Earth level everything is mixed up or blended and the loving positive energies of the Creator can sometimes appear to us as negative in order to offer us a gift of a lesson or challenge to grow. If both negative and positive energies that we experience on the Earth are composed from the Creator’s energy, isn’t everything actually a natural or peacefully loving energy moulded by our reactions, thoughts and observations? This occurred to me during my incarnation and I was able to spend many years developing this understanding into a greater knowledge and way of existence.

At a young age I was very fearful of my owner and whenever I saw my owner drawing close to me the fear would build within me almost like fireworks. I could feel that as the fear built it would manifest different situation that actually affirmed my fears and made me believe that I was right to be fearful. I realised that this was not a pleasant way to exist and that if everything manifested from the soul of the Creator then I must be able to find or draw the Creator’s good and loving qualities from the energy around me so that I could exist in a loving atmosphere. I began to understand that I was creating the fear and that I was the only one who could dissolve the fear. I began to work on reducing my fear by calming my energies and working on my focus until I no longer felt fear at the sight of my owner. This manifested in a natural and smooth interaction between us. I realised that our own energies and the energies around us can be influenced by our feelings and thoughts, even people can be influenced in either a negative and positive way. I began to emphasise sending love into all situations especially concerning my owner and found that fear no longer had a place; I had created everything by moulding the energy within and around me. You will probably like to know that I spent many years after that devoted to my owner, feeling the energies of being valued and treasured flowing back at me.

Of course, there are energies expressed from others that may linger in the air or in objects that can cause negative effects, but in your local environment you have the power to create a positive existence for yourself by realising that you are creating negative energies or experience by activating and placing fear onto situations.

I hope that you have been able to comprehend my explanation. An example of my teaching is that if someone says something negative to you they haven’t created negativity in your reality until you recognise it or react with a negative emotion. This insight is connected to the teachings of accepting and existing as balance and peace in your emotions and your mind. I simply ask that you think of this and try to comprehend it within your own reality. In my incarnation once I realised this insight I was able to take control of my energy, experiences and reality, gaining a greater mastery.

I wish for you to understand that the love of the unicorn kingdom is with you eternally

I am Unicorn Irian from Unicorn Kingdom

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The Angelic and Unicorn Kingdom

Channelled Through Natalie Glasson  13th October 2008

Angelic and Unicorn KingdomThe angelic and unicorn kingdom have always held such a strong bond and we unite now as one energy vibration to energise and support all light workers and beings of love on the Earth. We, the angelic and unicorn kingdom offer you this meditation to enhance your connection and integration with our energies. May you enjoy using it, feeling the unity of your being with ours as aspects of the Creator’s mighty soul.

Angelic and Unicorn Meditation

Sit peacefully, relaxing your body and mind, focusing on your breathing. Know that you are a being of love and light and that you are an aspect of the Creator’s mighty soul as you sit and simply breathe. With each breath you take you are accepting the truth of your being and the Creator into your reality. This is removing all fears, doubts, hindrance and blockages that may be limiting your inner sight and comprehension of the divine energies and realms that exist around you. Feel at peace with yourself and yet optimistic as you know that you are going to connect on a deeper level with the angelic and unicorn kingdoms, feeling their presence and integration within your life.

I am open and receptive to the divine energy vibrations and light of the angelic and unicorn kingdoms.(Repeat three times or until you feel a change in the energy around you.)

Imagine, sense or see a vast column of pure white light with the softest hint of pink light integrating into the energy. This column of light descends down over your being. The light melts and seeps into every aspect of your being, know that this is the energy and essence of the angelic and unicorn kingdom. Imagine the white and soft pink light integrating into every aspect of your being and body. Feel the peace, tranquillity, bliss and love that emanates into your being now from the presence of the column of light.

When you feel that you are a part of the energy, then you may imagine the white and soft pink light expanding out into your surroundings, covering the whole land and inhabitants of the planet Earth.

As you take your attention beyond your surroundings you will see or sense a ring of angelic and unicorn beings standing alternately in a vast circle that surrounds the whole of the Earth. They are glorious beacons of light emanating brightly towards the Earth and towards your soul. Allow yourself to accept the energy, love and light that is extending from each angel and unicorn. Allow their energy to melt deep within your soul and being.

Say to yourself, I accept the high vibrational loving energy of the angelic and unicorn kingdom, I am worthy of receiving their energy and allowing it to channel through my being.

If any fears or doubts come to the surface concerning your self-worth, listen to them for a moment but then accept that they are not an aspect of your truth. Affirm that,

I am worthy, and ask the energy flowing into your being to cradle all fears and doubts in love until they have been completely eliminated from your being and belief system.
You may also wish to affirm, The energies and light of the angelic and unicorn kingdoms are now integrated into my being. A beam of light continuously flows into my crown chakra from the angelic and unicorn kingdom as an eternal connection.

It is important for you to simply sit and absorb the blissful energies of these divine and sacred beings of light.
When you are ready you may send a thought out into the universe asking if the unicorn and angelic kingdom have a message of inspiration, hope or guidance for you now to assist you in your current spiritual development process.
Focus again on the waves of light that extending from the ring of angelic and unicorn beings surrounding the Earth and imagine that a message is flowing forth into your mind from their souls. Allow yourself to be patient and receptive. The message may come as a vision, a feeling or emotion or a simple word. You may hear their divine communication beaming through your mind. Remain open, if you do not receive anything then know that it may not be the correct time and try again at a later date.

When you are ready to complete the meditation, simply say,

I am peace. I anchor the magic and love of the angelic and unicorn kingdom into my being, reality and into the Earth now.

You may sit within this blissful energy for as long as you wish.

The combined energies of the Angelic and Unicorn Kingdom

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The Angelic and Unicorn Kingdom

The Unicorn Kingdom

Channelled through Natalie Glasson 5th May 2008

Unicorn KingdomGreetings to all beloved manifestations of the Creator on the Earth, we honour, love and respect you sending our light to your aid now to enhance your inner light and remove limitations from your life. We come as the unicorns in unity and as a community from the higher levels of the spiritual world; we are of same energy vibration as the angelic kingdom; we too hold a vast heart swelling with love for humanity. We are your helpers, your guides, we are here to lead you forth, search for our bright shining light that emanates from our energy horns at our third eye, this is our beacon. When you truly believe in our energy and invoke us to assist you in your life, you will feel the energy force and attraction of our beacon of light pulling you forth along the correct spiritual path for you.

Each of you have a special unicorn that you can invoke to assist you in your lives, you can also visit the unicorn kingdom on the inner planes of the spiritual world to gain a deeper connection with us, unicorns. This can be achieved by simply asking us to transport you to our kingdom either during your sleep state or during meditation. We are present and offer our support, energy and wisdom to all of humanity. This is our main mission of today’s message; we come to share the love and energy of the unicorn kingdom with you. Open your hearts to us now, invoke us into your lives and allow our energy to surround you in a blanket of love; we are here as supportive guides for all of humanity. Please don’t doubt our energies or power because we form a shape of an animal, it is our appearance that symbolises our connection with Mother Earth, the animal and elemental kingdoms. When you open to our energies we can re-energise your being with cosmic and high vibrational light, we will deepen your connection with the beloved soul of Mother Earth and help all to see, sense or understand the light being helpers who assist Mother Earth and care for nature.

We are carers for nature ourselves, we not only guide humans but telepathically speak with the horses manifested on the Earth, they are beloved souls, we are always there to guide them when they call for our assistance, needing courage or strength to cope with their realities on the Earth. This is a mission that we the unicorns hold close to our hearts as most of us have lived as horses on the Earth, we understand the growth process involved and the initiations that need to be overcome.

Now as we open our hearts to humanity, we offer a special meditation or visualisation that we believe will assist all in anchoring greater light into their beings and into the Earth. This visualisation can cleanse your chakra systems and your crown chakra especially; it can begin to build a channel of light above your head or can purify your channel of any unwanted energy.

First gain a meditation state of being, focusing on your breathing, allow yourself to relax.

Then invoke a team of unicorns to surround you in a circle, some of your unicorn guides may also be within the circle. The team of unicorns stands facing you, their coats emanate the brightest white colour of light while from their energy horns at their third eye a multi-coloured energy swirls into the air around you, surrounding you in white and multi-coloured energy. Focus on breathing the energy the unicorns emanate into your being, imagine yourself being engulfed in the love and light of the unicorns. If you can’t feel any energy or sensations on your body then ask the unicorns to intensify their energy and to channel it into your being, keep asking until you are aware of their presence.

With waves of energy from the team of loving unicorns sweeping through your being, ask them to unite and to channel their energy into your crown chakra. The unicorns will move close to you, gathering the tips of their energy horns together so they meet just above your crown chakra. A blaze of white energy will flow up into the heavens from the place that their horns meet; this light will purify all your higher chakras and higher aspects of yourself. The unicorns are focusing their minds on cleansing, so allow yourself to focus on being receptive to their light. A second blaze of light will allow the white light to begin to flow down into your crown chakra at the top of your head, down your chakra column and into the core and soul of Mother Earth. The light of the unicorns continues to flow up into the heavens and down into your being at the same time.

Simply continue to focus on your breathing and enjoy the sensations of pure white light running through your being, removing any negative energy or unwanted energy, as the white light dissolves it instantly.

Once you feel cleansed or the cleansing process is complete, thank us, the unicorns and ask us to step back. Even when we have returned to the unicorn kingdom our energy will remain within your being, you should feel energised and rejuvenated by our light. You can also try this visualisation or coloured energy into your being instead of the white energy; this is an energy that combines all the important rays of light from the Creator’s universe. This meditation can be practised every day.

We hope you will invoke our energies to aid and enhance your spiritual growth on the Earth,

Our blessings and love remain with you always,

The Unicorn Kingdom

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