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Natalie is recognised for her pure and powerful channeling ability which attracts many wishing to evolve spiritually to study with her

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  • Ascension Advancements with Commander Ashtar by Commander Ashtar

    Ascension Advancements with Commander Ashtar by Commander Ashtar Channelled through Natalie Glasson – 18th October 2018 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa https://www.omna.org/home-page/ I extend my star greeting to you, I am Commander Ashtar, the overseer of the Airborne Ascended Master. It is our purpose to evaluate the process of ascension and to be present in any area upon the Earth or inner planes where healing or awakening is needed. We travel throughout the universe of the Creator and around your world as well. We can be in many places at the same time as we connect into the unified energy of the Creator, meaning we see ourselves not as individuals, instead as able to connect into and embody any energy within the Universe of the Creator. I, Commander Ashtar, wish to share with you some insights from our ship of tools that are available to assist your ascension [...]
Cosmic Shift – Awakening into a New Era of the Divine Feminine

Latest Capsule of Wisdom – Capsule 174

Cosmic Shift – Awakening into a New Era of the Divine Feminine

With Lady Quan Yin

In Capsule of Wisdom No 174, Lady Quan Yin comes forth in peace and love to share with you the Cosmic Shift taking place on the inner planes and how it will impact your being and ascension. She shares with you that the shift originates within the core of the Divine Mother at a Cosmic Level signifying a new awakening of the Divine Feminine within all beings. This shift promotes a healing of imbalances, resistance and separation between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine as well as a deeper sense of acknowledging your inner truth and essence. The Divine Mother shares her keys of light with you to create powerful, loving shifts within your being and for all……….

Explanation & 1 Meditation – 39 mins Audio –  17th October 2018 …. More and Purchase

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London Workshop

Sacred Soul Initiations

with Master Kuthumi and Master Djwhal Khul

Awaken the full spectrum of your soul and empower your relationship with your soul to allow life to become a constant awakening of light, love, fulfilment and truth. Deepen your connection with and understanding of your soul, fully realise the presence of your soul in all aspects of your being

24th November 2018 10am – 5pm

Channelled Workshop with Natalie Glasson

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Being in Love with Yourself

Two perspectives (Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine) of how to obtain the most fulfilling embodiment of love

Your love is the greatest healing and instigator of your ascension, harness this energy now!

With Lady Nada and Master Sananda

Channelled through Natalie Glasson

Lady Nada and Master Sananda are twin flames and have existed upon the Earth as Mary Magdalene and Master Jesus. They have experienced numerous lifetimes upon the Earth devoted to the embodiment and exploration of love, why it is important, how love accelerates and is at the core of ascension. They wish to bring forth their knowledge and techniques sharing them with you openly. Both wish to guide you in truly obtaining for yourself your true embodiment of love, exploring what this means to you and how you can experience it wholly and completely in your life now. This is more than learning to love yourself, this how to be in the space of love, an infinite space, with all aspects of your being. A deep exploration of love, its purpose and impact upon your being.

In Part 1, Lady Nada comes forth to communicate as a representative of the Divine Feminine, she wishes to share with you her own experiences and wisdom, as well as that of the Divine Feminine connected to the embodiment of love. Her purpose is to inspire, guide and support you in understanding and obtaining the most fulfilling embodiment and experience of love; the Creator’s love in your earthly reality. In Part 2, Master Sananda communicates representing the Divine Masculine, sharing her personal experiences of the process of realising and embodying the love of the Creator.

Lady Nada and Master Sananda through their communication will support the healing and bonding of your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine while opening the world of the Creator’s love up to you, that exists within your being. Now is your opportunity to really advance your daily experience of love embodiment, recognising and bringing into fruition a presence of love within you not previously accessed.

Live Online:  3rd and 11th October 2018 – 7pm-8pm UK Time……….. Book and More

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The Sacred School of Om Na brings forth guidance, support, love, wisdom and channeled messages through Natalie Glasson’s channel and channeling.The Sacred School of Om Na originally existed in Atlantis anchoring and channeling the energy of the Celestial White Beings (Natalie Glasson’s Soul Group) and numerous Ascended Masters, Angels and Archangels, bringing forth wisdom, inspiration, connection, alignment and transformational energies. Natalie Glasson has now brought forth the Sacred School of Om Na once more to assist and support modern day ascension. This temple of light is overseen by the Celestial White Beings, Archangel Michael, Archangel Faith, Archangel Metatron and Universal Logos Lord Melchizedek. The energies and spiritual channelings of Ascended Master Kuthumi, Ascended Master Jesus, Mother Mary,Mary Magdalene, Ascended Master Saint Germain support and regularly deliver guidance and the wisdom within the school.

Please enjoy and browse all the channeled material, messages and wisdom available through Natalie Glasson at Om Na.

Om Na, Om Sat, Om Ra, I am Bliss, I am the Ultimate Truth, I am the Creator

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