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Natalie is currently taking time out to birth and care for your new son. This means she is unable to run live webinars in her usual way. Natalie has co-created with her guides and those on the inner planes who oversee the Sacred School of OmNa several webinar series appropriate for this time in ascension, so you may continue to benefit from the sacred energies of those that love and support us from the inner planes. The energies and wisdom are as powerful as when Natalie channels live in your presence and the group energy created in each webinar will remain just as potent and supportive to your ascension. There are two positive additions to these webinars, Natalie makes her webcam live so you can watch her channel, you can also view the webinar at a time that is appropriate and comfortable for you. Natalie will be back very soon with her Live Webinars.

How It Works 

The dates on each webinar and webinar series specify when the webinar is available to purchase and ready to watch. You will receive a newsletter alerting you that a new webinar is available, if you are not already signed up to Natalie’s newsletter Click Here.

When purchasing an available webinar, you will receive an email with a link to join the webinar and an audio version of the webinar. It is advisable to watch the webinar first before you download the audio version as you will be able to watch Natalie channel as she makes her webcam live!

You can watch the webinar at a convenient time for you and as many times as you wish.

You can only purchase one webinar at a time as they become available, at the end of the series you can purchase all three if you missed the webinar series.

If you have any questions or problems accessing the webinars, please use the contact page.

Ascension Update: Awakening the Stream of Abundance

Masterclass Webinar August 2019

Ascension Update: Awakening the Stream of Abundance

With the Celestial White Beings

Learn to dance with the abundance of your Soul and Soul Group in the Spirit World and the Earth Plane. Discover the abundance your Soul and Soul Group wish to create.

Video and Audio Channeled Webinar through Natalie Glasson

This is a pre- recorded webinar as Natalie is on maternity leave. In this webinar you can watch Natalie channel as she makes her webcam live!

Available Now from  8th August  2019

The Celestial White Beings invite you to join them as they navigate you through a power activation of connecting with and experiencing the original abundant energy, nature, keys and codes of your soul and soul group. Within you is an abundant energy which has the capacity to not only fill the Universe and the Earth multiple times, it is also the origin of all experiences and embodiments of abundance.

Have you experienced the energy of abundance within you? Have you experienced your abundance manifested in the spiritual world? Have you experienced the possibilities available to you as you allow your abundant energy to become a stream flooding your life with the experience of abundance on all levels of your being and existence on the Earth? The Celestial White Beings will guide you to feel as if you are dancing with and as the abundance of your soul and soul group on the Earth and the inner planes.

Discover what your soul and soul group wish you to manifest for yourself, how you can be of service on the Earth and the spiritual planes. Let yourself experience the abundant energy that is your nature, your essence and truth. Allow yourself to be guided to gift your original abundance to yourself, your life, the Earth and all beings. Through exploration of your original abundance you will dissolve and heal the energy of lack of abundance which may be programmed into your being or existence upon the Earth.

The Celestial White Beings are ready to support you in a deep exploration of abundance while sharing healing vibration and wisdom to aid your existence upon the Earth and spiritual journey.

In this webinar you can watch and listen to Natalie channel.

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